Kin Capital Partners Acquires Builder’s Door & Trim and Door & Millwork Company

From: The Acadiana Advocate

Kin Capital Partners, founded by Lafayette natives and St. Thomas More graduates Jude David, Erik Billet and Blake David, acquired Builders Door & Trim, which specializes in doors for large homes and developments, and Door & Millwork Co., which specializes in apartments, condos, townhouses and other multi-family developments.

After the group’s previous acquisitions last year, these acquisitions allow their company, Stately Doors & Windows, to “reach, sell, fulfill and install doors and windows of all varieties to high-end homes, apartments, resorts, hotels and commercial venues across the southern half of the United States,” Jude David said.

The acquisitions follow four prior ones, Wholesale Iron Doors of Dallas, Millwork Components of Atlanta, now rebranded as Realwood Crafters; and Santa Fe Door Store and Enterprise Americas of Albuquerque, both of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and combined to form Santa Fe Doors & Windows.

The facilities will continue to be operated by the management teams employed prior to the acquisitions, while strategic vision and back-office support will be provided by the Stately management team, David said.


Stately Doors & Windows now employs more than 140 employees, with a growing back office in Lafayette.

The group is still evaluating the Lafayette area for a potential location for its domestic iron door and window manufacturing facility and has been in discussion with local steel fabrication companies to partner with on the endeavor.